The pizzeria

The history of Porto Bello adds a new component to its culinary artistic profile, leaving room for the novelty and variety of flavors in the pizzeria section.
The particularity and balance of refined tastes emerge in the new location that flanks the elegance of the Sea Lounge Bar, perceiving the background of its musical notes.

A new piece that is added to the family by creating a home of flavors in the name of authenticity and dynamism. Traditional flavors embrace the riches of the sea which the entire structure overlooks; such as the renowned pizza “Casa al mare” which recalls the historical roots from which the milestone of Porto Bello was born, recalling the title of the book of poems by the advocate Teodoro.

The new discovery welcomes all those who have a penchant for pizza (and not only) by offering a vast and succulent menu compliant with the quality and variety of choices typical of the logo. The art of pizza is manifested through the perfect combination of the preparation of the raw material and the leavening of the dough in which the use of ancient Sicilian grains promises a light, balanced and nutritious product.

An ideal place to enjoy a traditional and innovative dinner among the soft lights and light music that act as a minstrel in the evenings overlooking the island mirroring water.