Our story

Family first

Porto Bello’s adventure begins in 1978, the year in which Marilena D’Albora and Teodoro Cataffo, newlyweds, decide to open the restaurant in the old “Sea house” of Cataffo’s family. The innate culinary art of Marilena and the entrepreneurship of Teodoro are the keeper of it.

Today they are helped by their daughter Nadia and by the fresh creativity of their son Dario, to whom the great passion for the food art has been transmitted.

Porto Bello in all these years was able to accompany the island of Salina in its development, maturing and evolving with her. Porto Bello’s history is a way in time and in the historic memory of Salina, of the people who have characterized and have lived it.

The location

The heart of Salina, in the Aeolian islands

The Restaurant is situated close to the central port of the island, in Santa Marina Salina. Unique spaces where time seems to stop. Immersed in the beautiful and enchanting landscape that surrounds it.

A traditional ambience with four terraces with columns, wattles and daubs and typical masonry seances recovedered by majolica. The walkway is tiled with octagonal bricks, baked with the ancient system of the furnaces; in this way, these bricks break the white that gives colour all around.

The old “Sea house” today still resists the changes; a plant witnessed this; it is a 150 years old vine that, from the foundations, walks a long way through the rooms.