The menu


Raw seafood Speciality

Red prawns in yogurt sauce
Raw swordfish au gratin
Natural Raw Tuna (various species)
Porto Bello grouper
Transparency of shrimp
Croque Amberjack
Raw Tuna Salad (various species)
IL Misto Specialità del Porto Bello (shrimp in yoghurt sauce, swordfish au gratin, tuna salad and sweet and sour fish cakes)

Traditional specialty

Peppered mussels
Octopus carpaccio
Sauté of clams and mussels
Anchovy and caponata pie
Fried anchovies
Sweet and sour fish cakes

First Courses

The Spaghetti

Al Fuoco (cherry tomatoes, garlic, oil, basil, chilli pepper and baked ricotta)
With Mussels
Clams (with truffle)

Cà Muddica
Sea scent (mussels, clams, squid, scampi [if any], cherry tomatoes, tuna, swordfish, clams)

The Linguine

Shrimps, Zucchini and Pistachio
Grouper sauce

The Rigatoni

White sauce (aubergines, capers, anchovies, tuna, basil, tomato, onion)

Incasciata (tomato sauce, mozzarella, aubergines, various cheeses, basil, baked ricotta)

Home made Gnocchi

Swordfish and Peppers

Main Courses

Squids topped with onion in sweet-and-sour
Brick of tuna in Malvasia
Rare Tuna with capers
Swordfish rolls with cheese
Grilled Amberjack | Swordfish with pistachios
Fried squids
Grilled squids
Grilled swordfish
Grilled Prawns
Fried Swordfish
Mix of grilled fish
Mix of Fried fish
Whole Fish per person
Fish by weight

Side dishes

Marilena’s Chips
Potato croquettes
Gratin peppers
Grilled or fried aubergines and courgettes
Mixed salad
Aeolian-style potato salad

The dessert

Ricotta with warm honey, raisins and pistachio
Sicilian cannoli with sweet ricotta and pistachios
Sicilian cassata
Warm pistachio pie on a bed of sweet ricotta and white chocolate
Chef’s dessert with chocolate on a bed of apricot jam
Seven Veils
Lemon sorbet
Malvasia di Salina Malvasia di Salina with Biscuits